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Wine storage does not need to be complicated

Here at VA Wine Cellars we know that the idea of a wine cellar is wonderful but it does come with its complications and obstacles. We are here to tell you that our process is not only streamlined and simple but also honest. Bottom line is you want a wine cellar that fits your cooling needs, style, and budget and we are here to make that happen for you with our simple 3 step consultation process. 

1. Cellar Location

After understanding where your wine cellar will be located we will be able to tell you the type of cooling system and materials needed to optimize your wine cellar environment and its style.

2. Cellar Purpose

Sometimes a wine cellar is decretive and sometimes it’s an investment in your wine collection. After understanding your intended use we will tell you exactly what you need.

3. Project Quote

We will provide you with a detailed quote for the scope of your project along with an estimated time of completion. We will also give you time to look things over and ask any questions .

Have an existing Wine Cellar?

We consult those as well

Existing Wine Cellar Consultation

Have a wine cellar that you feel can be better? More efficient, or has a blaring problem that you want fixed? We will provide you the vital information you need.


Our consultations are not free but well worth the expense. Our consultations are not just a guideline but an in depth analysis of your situation. The knowledge, expertise, and experience we bring for you is an asset to you and your wine. Because of the complexity and amount of specific details required to guide you in the right direction our consultations start at $250 for a 1 hour consultation. We pride ourselves on being honest and this is where we start. Paying for the perfect consultation not only means you know exactly what to expect but even if you do not wish to go with us for your build or service you are better equipped to understand what it is you truly need. If you decide to use us for your wine cellar service or build the consultation fee will be credited toward the total cost of your wine cellar needs.

Yes we require that we have complete access to the location and surrounding area of your intended or existing wine cellar. 

The safety of our families and yours is our highest priority. We follow all California Covid protocols and then some more of our own as well. Masks are worn at all times when in your establishment along with medial booties for our feet and gloves that are changed every time a biological contact is made. Hands are washed frequently in compliance with food standard sanitation protocols.

Our home base is in Los Angeles, California but we serve all areas of Southern California as far as beautiful San Diego, California. A small distance fee may be charged for areas farther than 50miles from Los Angeles. 

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